Thai Hao Chue Group Co., Ltd. Profile

Thai Hao Chue Group Co., Ltd. is located at NO.18/11 of Wayra Biznet, Romklao Road, Klongsam Pravet, Ladkrabang District, Bangkok, Thailand.

The company was established in  2008 by Mr. Wu and Ms. Thansiri with whom expert in tourism and expert in manufacturer local origin Thailand business. “THAI HAO CHUE” need to send good food good delicious food to the world class Under Thailand Brand “THAI HAO CHUE” It is a modern  enterprise  which  mainly  engaged in Thai tropical fruit research, development and  processing Thailand local leisure food and souvenirs as well as unique in each locality of Thailand. The company was founded in order to make the famous tropical fruit products produced in Chanthaburi Thailand to the world. 


Chanthaburi is a province in Eastern of Thailand, which is bordering with Cambodia and known for gem dealing and tropical fruit.

Chanthaburi is known as “Fruit town” rich in all kinds of tropical fruit such as : Monthong Durian, Mangosteen, Golden mango, Rambutan, Jackfruit, White dragon fruit etc. The company's fruit products use 100% pure natural fruit, preservative-free, long storage time, pure taste, by the enterprise meticulous work attitude and fine products process, The raw materials of our fruit products only use the local high-quality season fresh fruit to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of products.

Mr. Wu is engaged in the tourism industry for more than ten years  of professional  tour  guide. In the process  of  leading the  tour, he founded  that most of the guests feel a big headache in order to bring  the  real taste of  the  local souvenir for most of the Chinese guests travel with  tour  groups and  the  arrangement  of  attractions is too  much  and  time is quite limited. When facing the variety  of  food, they do not know how to choose.  As  we all  knows,  the  most  famous  fruit  of  Thailand  which is known  as  fruit king  is Monthong Durian but  most of the tour guide  in the group introduced durian as  a  "joke" to speak, causing  the guests  holding the love and hate attitude  of durian, plus fresh durian cannot be directly brought out of the country, many tourists won’t take it as souvenir. 

Mr. Wu had an idea to make the fresh durian into the pure tasty preservative-free durian freeze dried by vacuum and frozen.

Mr. Wu remembered that the Chinese popular buy on bus tour, so he put the Thai delicious durian freeze dried to the tourism market and received great favor and recognition by the vast number of consumers and tourism groups.

Thailand is the tourist kingdom, over 20 million people travel to Thailand every year. The business philosophy of Thai Hao Chue Group Co., Ltd. is  help visitors to choose to truly delicious, healthy, with local characteristics of the agricultural and sideline leisure souvenir food, and let the Thai agricultural products go to the world and let the world know Thai delicious food.


Thai Hao Chue brand products from Thailand's most famous town of a town carefully selected products based  on R&D production of food are Vacuum Freeze-Dried Monthong Durian, Dehydrated Mango, Crocodile Meat with Black Pepper, Dired crocodile meat dry, Oven-baked Crispy  Coconut,  Coconut  Cashew  Nuts,  Durian Cashew   Nuts,  Toffee  Durian,  Grilled  Seaweed  With   Durain  Chips,  Thai Traditional  Toffee  and etc. Thai Hao Chue Co., Ltd. is the only factory which has obtained the production license of “Crocodile Meat with Black Pepper Thai Hao Chue Brand”.  Issued by the Department of Food Safety Control of Thailand, The company was development researched and complete marketing for over a  nine years.